Harriman Reservior ("the Ledges")

Indeed a premier site in New England! Although long known for its nude use, the new owners are considering shutting it down due to alleged complaints about overt lewd and sexual activity.

"The Ledges" is located on the eastern shore of the Harriman Reservior. On a hot weekend the parking lot may be filled by mid-morning. We always plan to get there no later than 10AM!

From Route 9 take Route 100 south for about 1.1 miles. Turn right onto Boyd Hill Road (a dirt road; Flames Stables is on the corner). When the road turns to the right stay straight onto a smaller dirt road down to the water. Park and walk north along the shore on a well-worn trail until you arrive.

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West River (just north of Brattleboro)

A quiet, peaceful spot that is used by a good mixture of clothed and nude users. It is very easy to get to and has relatively easy access. It is located on Route 30 just north of Brattleboro within sight of the I-91 overpass.

It is located behind a small professional building and hay field. On weekends (I assume) parking is allowed at the professional building since it is closed. Walk down one of the trails (one is rather steep) from the back of the parking lot and across the edge of the hay field to the river. The area you come to first is populated mostly by clothed users. Walk a little further to the right along the river and the nude area begins.

On weekdays, do NOT park at the professional building. Instead, park out on the road, at the antique dealer 2 buildings down, or maybe even at the Department of Public Works(?) right next door.

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